Legal regulations -> Legal regulations in Serbia

Today, in Serbia the valid legal acts for bottled natural mineral, spring and table waters are the following ones: 

  • Rules on quality and other demands for natural mineral waters, natural spring and table waters (Sl. list SCG 53/05)
  • Rules on sanitary propriety of drinking waters (Sl list SRJ 42/98)

Beside these rules, which treat maximal permissive limits of some components, permissive technologies of water treatment and style of packing and declaration, there are legal regulations in the domain of exploration and permission for the water using: 

  • Law on geological investigations (Sl. glasnik RS 44/95)
  • Rules on classification and categorization of underground water reserves and  taking of evidentiary about them (Sl. glasnik RS 17/90)  
  • Rules on classification and care of zones of sanitary protection for objects of  water supply (Sl. list SRJ 33/78)
  • Law on environmental protection (Sl. glasnik RS 135/04)
  • Law on strategic evaluation of influence on the environment (Sl. glasnik RS 135/04)
  • Law on evaluation of influence on the environment (Sl. glasnik RS 135/04)


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