Legal regulations -> Legal regulations in America

The first legal regulations for bottling of water the USA passed in 1938. At that time, Food and Drug Administration - FDA with Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, FFDCA regulated bottled waters as alimentary products. 

In  the early seventies, FDA in cooperation with then-American and today-International bottled water association, developed and proclaimed rules on production and quality of bottled waters. All of these rules are in Final Rule on a Standard of Identity for Bottled Waters, Federal register, Vol.60, No.218. This final rule was passed in 13.11.1995.

It is important to distinguish that the water from public system (pumblings) is not regulated by the FDA regulations. This water is under the regulations of Safe Drinking Water Act from Environmental Protection Agency, US EPA. Bottled water quality control in market of USA today is run on three levels:

  1. Federal law
  2. National standards and inspection
  3. Industrial standards - IBWA


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