Condition on the market -> Bottled waters


The growth of this category in 2005 was 2 %. This growth was under the prospect and qualified with poor conditions

Still waters had growth of 16 %; but carbonated waters decreased for 2 %. Despite this growth, still waters made 26 % of total market.

In 2006.: Foreseen growth of 9 %


Mineral waters had 87 % of market; table waters 8 % and spring waters 5 %


PET continued with a growth on the market and it had 91 % of total consumption. This continual growth was on expense of recoverable glass (quantity plopped to 20% in 2005 and in 2006 had 8% of market) and irrecoverable glass whose quantity plopped to 38% in 2005 and in 2006 had 2% of market.  


Indirect consumption fell for 4% and had 12% of total market. This fall arose due to poor finances of consumers.


In aperture the price of packed waters grew for 19% in gross sale. Two brands which conduce the price growth are Rosa and Voda-Voda: price of Rosa grew for 20% when this brand became a part of Coca-Cola; launching of VodaVoda as a brand of high quality had a big influence on price growth in 2004 so the growth of price was about 30%


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