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Package materials are materials using production of package and including raw and treated materials designed for packing.

Tanks for packing are pasted inside because of the beverage protection and outside for the display. Most packages are made of several layers of materials, which are used for production. It is not important to give information about all ther material types used; it is important to emphasize the main materials.


Glass is hard transparent material which is brittle and breakable. All dishes that are made of glass also include coloured glass and glass with a plastic cover.


These packages are made of aluminium and metal admixture, like steel. They are not demands which prescribe that metal type is necessary for this needs. Packages can be pasted with colour or label.



Tanks are made of polyethylene tetraphalate. PET is clean, resistant material and it has a good characteristic of gas barrier and barrier against humidity.

Polycarbonates (PC)

Polycarbonates have a good chemical resistance and they are strong. Polycarbonates are the only material which can be recognized through number 7 in a triangle.


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