Water sources

In industry of packed waters as a basic source are used:

  • Underground spring waters, natural springs or drilled wells
  • Surface waters (seas, rivers, lakes)
  • Captured, frozen waters (glaciers)

Dominated resource in industry of packed waters are underground waters. Underground waters are used because they are naturally clean with a balance of minerals smitten from environment from which they originate. These waters do not need extra processing technology so they can have epithet- NATURAL.

Underground water source

Near the underground waters, surface waters are also in use (waters from seas, rivers, lakes) which are packed after the process of refinement. These types of packed waters mostly have a name - TABLE WATERS with an obligate sign that they are purified waters.

On American and Canadian market, there are also packed waters, which are attained with a technology of ice melting from glaciers. In view of thr fact that on glaciers goes 78% of total sweet waters on the Earth this resource has an important part in a far future.



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