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General characteristics

Vanadium is grey metal of Vb of Periodic table of the elements. Vanadium as clean element does not find in nature. It is using in nuclear production, production of alloys, glass and photography. Vanadium and its compounds are very famous in chemical industry because of vanadium toxic (respiratory problems).

Origin in water

It can find in small quantities in underground waters. In Earth crust vanadium occurs in minerals like vandinite, decloasite, carnotite, corvusite, rhoscoelite and patronite. Beside this, vanadium as ingredient occurs in organic products like naphtha, bitumen and mineral coal.

Medical aspect

Absorption in human body is very low. Vanadium in drinking water can be significant in view of total input with nutrition and small content in food.

Positive effect

There are suspicions in vanadium part in protection against arteriosclerosis. It prevents cholesterol making in capillaries. Vanadium is necessary for bones and teeth forming. It supports effect of insulin hormone. It helps in prevention of heart attack.

Negative effect

Acute toxicities at people are primary respiratory and there are not evidences about chronic oral toxicities. 

Maximal allowable concentrations

In view of medical aspects of vanadium, sanitary institutions do not prescribe maximal level of vanadium in drinking water.


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