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General characteristics

Uranium occurs in nature, granite and other minerals. It is using as nuclear fuel. Uranium origin is from naturally deposits, nuclear industry, combustion of coal and other fuels and with using of phosphate sons. Uranium loading with drinking water is extremely small, but in cases where uranium is presence water becomes important source of its loading.

Origin in water 

In underground waters, which are in zone of intensive replacement, without contact with uranium ores, uranium consist is 0,1-1 g/l, rarely 10 g/l and in extreme cases 100 g/l. In dispersion areas uranium quantities are 0,1-1 and very rarely 50-100 mg/l.

Medical aspect

There are not enough data which can show uranium cancerous at people and experimental animals.

Negative effect

Primary chemical challenged effect of uranium is nephritis.

Maximal allowable concentrations

Recommended uranium value is 0, 015 mg/1 in Directions of WHO form 2004 (just temporary because of poor data of toxicology and epidemiology of uranium).


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