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General characteristics

Silicon makes  to 25,7 % of Earth crust and it is second element in Earth crust.Silicon is one of the most used elements and it is using for concrete, bricks, incombustible materials, enamel, pottery and glass. Silicon-dioxide can find in natural waters beceuse of rock decay.

Origin in water

Silicon occurs in water like suspension, in colloidal or polymeric conditions and like silicate or silicon acid.

Medical aspect

There are 1,4 mg of silicon in our organism. Silicon is in our conjunctive tissues and cartilage. Silicon quantities in skin and arteries decrease with ageing, which cause atherosclerotic changes.

Positive effect

Silicon is one of natural materials which clean organism. It helps also in bones, cartilages, conjunctive tissues and teeth construction.

Negative effect

Negative effects of large silicon loading  are not setlled.

Maximal allowable concentrations

According to EU recommendation, silicon is not any more the parameter of interests (Directive 98/83/EC).


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