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General characteristics

Lithium belongs to group of alkali meals silvery-white colour and it is in Ia of Periodic table of the elements. In nature is rarely. It is using in metallurgy, nuclear armament, batteries, special glass and ceramics.

Origin in water

Lithium is in small quantities in natural waters. In seawater its content is about 0,1 mg/l. In underground waters lithium content is very low, but with mineralization increasing content also rises. Minerals which consists lithium are in igneous rocks, especially in acid rocks, until content in sedimentary rocks is the smallest.

Medical aspect

Biology function of lithium is unknown.

Positive effect

Lithium loss can cause manic disarrangement.

Maximal allowable concentrations

In 1984, WHO decide in Rules for quality of fresh water that is not necessary to regulate lithium concentration in drinking water.


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