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General characteristics

Cobalt is transition metal and belongs to VIIIb group of Periodic table of the elements. It is using in alloys, galvanisation, industry of glass, porcelain and enamel.

Origin in water

In natural waters cobalt is rarely element, because of its small migration ability and small contents in rocks. In igneous rocks, cobalt content is bigger in base and ultra base rocks, and the smallest is in acid rocks. Content in sedimentary rock is between base and acid rocks.

Medical aspect

In metabolism, cobalt is essential element (part of vitamin B12).

Positive effect

Small quantities of this mineral are using for prevention and healing of nerve accidence. With phosphor cobalt is in content of vitamin B12, and helps to bacteria in digestive channel during synthesis of this vitamin. Together with vitamin B12   forms cobalmin and this helps at recovery of myelin and at treatment of pernicious anaemia. It is demonstrative that small quantities of cobalt help erythropoesis.

Maximal allowable concentrations

In view that cobalt concentration in water is very small and in view of possible toxicate there is not prescriptive maximal level.


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