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General characteristics 

In water, cyanides occur like cyan-hydrogen acid in a shape of cyanides anion, simple cyanides, metal cyanides or like organic molecules. Cyanides is using in production of plastic, steel, galvanization and in metallurgic industry, like in synthetic fibres and compounds.

Origin in water

Cyanides rarely occur in raw waters. Their appearances signify on possible source of pollution which must find. Toxic of this element depends on pH value and attack of cyanides on pH=6 can become harmless.

Medical aspect

Negative effect

Virulence of cyanides is famous. Acute toxicity is high. Lungs, gastrointestinal channel and skin absorb cyanides. During long exposed of cyanides, is noticed negative effect on nerve system and thyroidal gland.

Maximal allowable concentrations

According to recommendations of EU
(Directive 98/83/EC) and according to our rules for drinking water (Sl. list SRJ 42/98), limitary value for bromines is 50 mg/1.


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