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General characteristics 

Beryllium belongs to IIa group of Periodic table of the elements and in group of alkaline-earth metals. Beryllium is using in industry in last 30 years. It is using in alloys in nuclear reactors, aeronautics and space technology.

Origin in water

In underground waters beryllium is not expected in appreciably quantities, because it is not absorb on clay in earth layers. Only chlorides and nitrates are soluble in water, so beryllium is not expected in raw waters.

Medical aspect

In human metabolism beryllium is little absorbs in digestive channel and quick excommunicates from organism. Relatively is harmless when is in food and waters, except big and continual doses which cause cancer at animals, but is not demonstrative at people.

Negative effect

Because of low concentration of beryllium, which is in drinking water, there is small possibility that consummation with drinking water can be dangerous for health of consumers.

Maximal allowable concentrations

Because of that, for beryllium is not recommended value from World Health Organisation. USEPA published MCLG and MCL for beryllium (import from 1994.) 0,004 mg/1, which based on possible cancerous and bones and lungs damages.


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