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General characteristics

Antimony is chemical element which belongs in group of semi-metals. Antimony is in Va group of Periodic table of the elements. There is not enough antimony in nature and rarely is native in nature. Antimony is mostly in compounds like sulphide (Sb2S3). It is using in alloy with copper, lead and tin, semi-conductor technology and in rubber industry, textile, paint and glass industry. Compounds of antimony have different therapeutic application.

Origin in water

Antimony is present in underground waters in small quantities. Some salts like three- chlorides, sulphates, potassium tartrate and penta-chloride are soluble in water, until the most of antimony salts are low soluble in water.

Medical aspect

Medical effects of antimony used long time ago, when people used antimony like "eternity pills".

Positive effect

Later, antimony uses as pills which give for stomach hardship because of vomit and purgative effect. Metal pills, which patients take for agitation of stomach work, have from one side mechanical effect, with stimulation of intestine work, until the antimonoixide layer on their surface produce chemical reaction and chafe on retch. Application of antimony has big number of antagonists. Protagonists and antagonists of antimony stubbornly represented their theories and were in conflict more then 100 years.

Negative effect

Acute poising with antimony manifests with irritation upper and under parts of respiration system, oesophagi-gastrointestinal channel, haemolytic and hemorrhagic syndrome respiratory, digestive and urinal channel. Chronic poising manifests with headache, slackness, dizziness, and also incites symptoms of chronic catarrhal-irritation syndrome of skin of respiratory and digestive channel. Tentatively and in human medicine is affirmed that Sb3+ is more toxicant then Sb5+.

Maximal allowable concentrations

According to recommendations of EU (Directive 98/83/EC) and according to our rules for drinking water (Sl. list SRJ 42/98), limitary value for antimony is 3 mg/1.


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