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General characteristics 

Aluminium belongs to IIIa group of Periodic table of the elements and it is in group of poor metals. Aluminium is in Earth crust in quantity from 8,1% (on third place according to presence).  Aluminium is in nature as alum silicate, like clay, caoline and pheldsphate. Bauxite is the main source for industrial production. It is using is industry, plain industry, electro conductors, explosives, pigments, paints and in process coagulation in water treatment (aluminium sulphate, polyaluminium chloride) 

Origin in water

Aluminium content in underground waters is very low, no metter on its big presence in nature. Low concentration of this element cause aluminium low migration aptitude.

Medical aspect

There were many arguments in which agitated is aluminium inducing Alzheimer disease. 1997. World Health Organization said that that they had not enough evidences which signified that aluminium unfavourably influence on human health if they are not directly expose during their jobs.

Positive effect

It is necessary for normal cell breath. Aluminium activates vitamin of B-complex. 

Negative effect

Large oral doses of aluminium, still, can bring to irritation of gastrointestinal channel. High concentrations of aluminium detect in some brain regions of patients who died from Alzheimer disease.

Maximal allowable concentrations

According to recommendations of EU
(Directive 98/83/EC) and according to our rules for drinking water (Sl. list SRJ 42/98), limitary value for aluminium is 0, 2 mg/1.


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