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General characteristics 

Hydrocarbon represents complex anion, which often meets in nature.

Origin in water

Hydrocarbon is usually present in low-mineralized underground waters, where hydrocarbon occurs as decay product of carbonate rocks (limestone and dolomite), marls, sandstone, breccias, conglomerates and similar rocks with carbonate binder in presence of carbon acid. This ion presents and in mineral waters, but usually can be replaced with other simple or complex ion, which depend from environment of underground water formation. Hydrocarbon can become during magma tic process, but locally. Content of this anion is limited with content of macro components cations from first two groups of Periodic table of the elements (Na, Ca and Mg).

Medical aspect

Positive effect

Hydrocarbon helps in keeping of acid balance in stomach and intestines, i.e. helps in digestion.

Maximal allowable concentrations

Concentration of hydrocarbon is not limited with some rules, because this ion has not nay negative effect on human health.

In direction of European Economic Community 80/777/EEC is prescription that in case if hydrocarbon concentration in bottled natural mineral waters is bigger then 600 mg/l, that water must declare as hydrocarbon water. These criteria accept in domestic rules (Sl list SCG 53/05). Extra limits for hydrocarbon content in bottled waters do not special signify.


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