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pH value

pH value represents measure, which characterizes activity or concentration  of hydrogen ions in the solution. pH value ranges in the boundary between 1-14. Hydrogen ions concentration keeps acid or base water reaction. When the pH value is 7 reaction of water is neutral; when the pH value is less then 7 reaction is acid; and when the pH value is more then 7 pH reaction is base.

Redox potential

Geochemical conditions of environment can estimate, based on the size of redox potential (Eh). Negative amounts of Eh indicate on reducing conditions, and vice versa.  Underground waters with a Eh values from 100 to 300 mV indicate on intermediate redox conditions.

Water hardness

Water hardness depends on slat contents of several elements in the water, like Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe3+, Al3+ etc. Other ions in underground waters, except Ca2+ and Mg2+ occur in a small quantities, so the water hardness makes from the relation of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions. Water hardness can be general, temporary and permanent. The unit of water hardness is in german degrees (0dH).

Water mineralization

Water mineralization represents amount of all mineral substances in the water. Mineralization also determines dry residue on the temperature of 110 oC. Dry residue is contents of mineral and partly organic substances in the water, which are not volatile.  


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