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Mineral waters with specific components in their chemical composition can be defined as balneologically active or salutary waters. In our area, there is a great number of these appearances. These waters are used in balneological purposes.

A lot of writing documents, from the ancient civilisations til today indicate that mineral waters operation was used in sanitary purposes. Salutary waters are engrossed by a modern man, so today they become objects of frequent investigation. Until now, in our country there has been outing of above 300 appearances of mineral waters and from that number more than 50 are orderly as spas, with their potential, which is used in balneology. Some spas have their long tradition of existence and evidence for this are many cultural and historical monuments in a shape of public drinking fountain and baths..

Mineral waters often occur together with sanitary muds (peloids). Peloids are natural product (moss, clay...) and their compositions represent incoherent organic and inorganic substances sodden with mineral waters. They are used in balneotherapeutic purposes.

According to international classification, there are several types of peloids: inorganic, organic and moss, mixed types of peloids, product of rock decay and artificial peloids. In our country, many spas use peloids in therapeutic purposes and some of these famous spas are Spa Koviljača Bujanovača spa, Spa Rusanda (Melenci) etc.


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