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Thermal waters represent underground waters with a mineralization smaller then 1000 mg/l and temperature larger then 20 0C. These appearances of mineral waters have big application in object toplification and in a recreation using. In our county, there are a big number of these appearances. One of the famous are on the area of Mačva and Pocerina: 

-  Bogati
ć (T= 75.5-80 0C, M=800 mg/l)
-  Debrc (T=56 0C, M=650 mg/l)

Significant appearances of these water types are in spas, like:

-  Vrujci (
T=26  0C, M= 460  mg/l)
-  Vrdnik (T=33  0C, M= 890 mg/l)

Spa Ljig (T=30-33 0C, M= 860 mg/l)
-  Jošanička spa (T=78.5 0C, M= 300 mg/l)


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