Interesting facts about water -> Water memory

Water memory is a conceptual base of homeopathy, with a theorem that water is able to remember which particles are solute in it. That "memory" enables water to keep characteristic of original solution even when there are no particles from primary solution in this water. It is obvious that this idea belongs to the domain of pseudoscience.

In 1983, the French professor, Benveniste, from the French National Institute for Health and Medicine Science in Paris performed an experiment whose results rocked the scientific world because these facts denied the fundament of "modern" physics and scientific thought in general.

He put one species of white blood cells-basophiles to produce an effect of antiimmunoglobuline E (aIgE), which has biology characteristic of neutral basophiles. He wanted to see which concentration of aIgE is necessary to realize this effect on basophile cells.

In this experiment, he poured a drop of, in homeopathic vocabulary, "mother's liquid" (in this case aIgE), into 99 drops of distilled water and then he agitated the mixture for 30 seconds. After that, he took a drop of  the new mixture and poured it into other 99 drops of distilled water. He repeated this process 120 times and after every rarefaction, there was the same reaction of aIgE on basophiles. If we try to use numbers we will see that in the end, initial liquid of aIgE was attenuated in relation 1:1+23 zeroes (number which is difficult to express with words), but it still reached the same effect on basophiles. When they finished the statistic calculation, it was proved that after the 23rd rarefaction, 100 trillions billions of distillated water molecules were added to every molecule of aIgE. This means that no molecule of aIgE was present in new liquid, but there was reaction every time.

At the and, it was concluded that the continual run of reaction was the result of PHYSICAL MEMORY OF WATER.

This is more interesting because the liquid which diluted 37 times had better effect than the mixture which was diluted just 3 times. ("Father" of homeopathy Samuel Hanuman, discovered this 200 years ago).

Although the scientific restitution matrix looks like "card castle", it still can't fail, so results from this experiment quickly stifled.

In any case, based on what homeopathy reposes, with this experiment, it had scientific proof. But the only problem is that we know that water can memorize thousands of different chemicals in atmosphere, rivers and seas. Even if we clean, filtrate, treat it with chlorine and fluor, the water replaces everything we put away.


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