Interesting facts about water -> Why is necessary to drink water

  1. Water is essential for survival of a human organism

  2. It is healthy to drink waterWater helps conservation of healthy body weight, with a runaway of metabolism and regulation of appetite.

  3. Water brings about the increase of energy level in organism.

  4. Drinking of adequate water volume can reduce the risk of some types of cancers, including the colon cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer

  5. For most of the patients, it is diagnosed that water consumption can reduce pain in joints and/or backs

  6. Water improves general condition of organism through removing the bacteria which  relate to appearance of some sicknesses

  7. Waters can allay headache

  8. Water gives natural moisture to skin and reassures proper cell evolution, so the skin   has healthy and shiny look

  9. Water helps in digestive process ad in prevention of constipation

  10. Water is primary in the transport of nutrient into the organism and is necessary for proper blood circulation


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