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  • Water in relligionBabylon goddess of Moon, Ishtar, was connected to the holy springs and her temple was  in natural caves in which the spring appeared. In mythology, the first Gods were from  salt water (Tianat) and fresh water (Apsu).

  • The stories of old Egyptians preached that the Sun God Atum (Ra) rested in primary sea  (Nun).  Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love was born in the sea.

  • In the holy book of Islam - Curran, there are words:" From water we can make any living soul."

  • In the religious ode to the Sun, St. Francis sang to God of water: "O, glorified was you, God, for sister water which is very useful, modest, precious and honest".

  • The Roman philosopher Seneca said that "In a place where spring or river originated it is good to build shrine and to lay sacrifices."

  • In China, water presents a special seat of dragons, because every life became from  water. According to the proceeding Wang Chia in China, it is beleived that water  from the fountain Pon Lai gives "thousand lives to people who drink this water".

  • In most religions, water is the holy liquid which cleans body from sins. The most beliefs with a ritual "washing" of organism are connected to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. Sacrament with water is a central ceremony of Christianity and also, a part of the mitzvah ceremony in Judaism. In Islam, daily prayers are taken after the washing of some body parts with clean water. In an Indian tribe Shinto, water is used in all rituals for soul or body cleaning, as ritual-misogi.

  • Many religions consider springs and water occurrences as holy and examples for this are: Lourdes in Roman Catholic Church, Zam-zam well in Islam and the river Gang in Hinduism

  • The Greek philosopher Empedocles preached that the water beside fire, soil and air is one of 4 important elements and that it represents basic material of universe. 

  • Water is also one of the five elements in the traditional Chinese philosophy together with soil, fire, wood and metal.

  • Water plays the leading role in literature as a symbol of soul cleaning. For example, importance of  the river in the book of William Faulkner "Until I dye lying" and the scene of smothering in Hamlet's "Ophelia".

  • According to the words of Leonard da Vinci "Water is a promoter of nature".  

  • The famous Greek philosopher Tales from Millet in his speeches told that "Water keeps  everything".

  • On the water value, Thomas Fuller told in Gnomologia in 1732 "We don't know the water value, until the spring stays without water".

  • "No living organism can live without water in any of its form. The reason is simple: our cells, all living creatures, including ourselves live in water environment. So, there are continual chemical exchanges through the membranes of our cells, which consist of blood and intercellular liquid made of different solute substances in water, with the outside environment. Living creatures are made of water, because there is water inside and outside their cells" (Claude Villeneuve, Eau secours)


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