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EmotoA creative Japanese explorer Dr Masaru Emoto published, in a very interesting book "Message from water", various photographs and information about his work and research. In this book, Mr. Emoto shows interesting facts which he found out during his work on water molecule. 

He based his investigations on the effect of human energy, thoughts, words and music, on molecule structure of water. Mr Emoto documented these molecular changes. He froze water drops and then explored them under the microscope with photographic possibilities. 

Mr. Emoto discovered many fascinating differences in water structure, with origins in different springs and under different circumstances around the planet. Waters from mountain rivers and springs have a nice, geometric form of a water crystal, but the water crystal from polluted water in industrial areas have a completely different shape. If you have any suspicion on this data, look at the pictures below the text.

Natural spring water - Spring Saijo Cristal of natural spring water Cristal of polluted water- Yodo river  Cristal of polluted water- Biwako lake

         Spring Saijo                       Spring Sanbu ichi                     Yodo river                        Lake Biwako

Mr. Emoto decided to take look at music effect on the water structure. He put distilled water between two loudspeakers for several hours and then took the pictures of water molecules.

                 Water cristal- Classic music-Bach      Water cristal- Bethoven simphony      Water cristal - Heavy Metal music

                        Water cristal - Bach               Water cristal - Betoven        Water cristal- Heavy metal

After the effluence of different conditions, pollution and music on water, Mr. Emoto and his colleagues decided to see if there was any effluence of thoughts and words on the water crystal. Using the printed words on a paper or glass, water froze and produced pictures.

                                    Written words- Angel                             Written words- Devil

                           Water cristal - Message Angel                 Water cristal - Message Devil    

: Pictures are taken from "Message from Water", Dr Masaru Emoto


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