Interesting facts about water -> How can we reduce water consumption

Save the waterIf we continue with water consumption on today’s level, until 2025 2/3 of population will live in the areas deficient in water. With growing water demands and with climate change, fresh water stores on the Earth will reduce.  

The key to water productivity is reduction of consumption and limitation of water usage. Consumers can help in a water decrease by instilling some changes into their habits. These changes can help in preservation of water quantities.

  • Close your faucet while brushing your teeth. With an open faucet we spend about 6 l/min of water.

  • Repair your faucet, because it, in this way, spends at least 5,500 l of water per year. This is enough volume for the filling of shallow children swimming pool, every week during the summer.

  • Turn on completely full dishwasher

  • Try to replace bathing with taking a shower. With bathing we spend more than 100 l, while on showering goes 1/3 of this volume


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