Interesting facts about water -> 20 usefully facts about water

  1. Body mass of an adult is made of 70% of water

  2. On birth, body mass of arrival is made of 80% of water

  3. Water is a part of fundamental substances (protoplasm)

  4. Healthy person can drink maximal 48 cups of water during the day

  5. Quick drinking of large water volume can bring about organism intoxication, with a quick increase of blood pressure, because of solute sodium in water. This brings about misbalance of water content in brain.

  6. Organism intoxication with water mostly occurrs during the period of intensive sport activities.

  7. Recommended daily volume of water is 8 glasses. A part of water in organism is not only introduced in a liquid form. We also implant water with food or other beverages.

  8. Beverages, coffees and teas, beside the liquid, have some quantities of caffeine. Caffeine is a smooth diuretic, which handicaps normal water transport thought  the organism.

  9. In the moment when we have fallen of thirst, organism lose over 1% of total water  volume which organism consists of.

  10. After the intensive physical efforts, the loss of corporal weight goes on loss of some water volume in organism, but does not go on a fat loss.

  11. Clean water (only made of hydrogen and oxygen) has neutral pH value 7

  12. 1 cm3 of water on temperature of 4°C has weight of 1 g.

  13. Water decomposes more substances than any other liquid. Water is the best solvent of chemical substances, mineral and nutritive.

  14. Between 70 and 75 % of the Earth surface is under the water

  15. The bigger part of fresh water volume is in the ground, than is the water present on the Earth surface

  16. Water cycles in "closed system", so there is no water loss. Therefore, we can tell that water, which existed on the Earth one million years ago, is also present today

  17. From total water volume on the Earth, 3/10 is accessible to people for use. In this volume are waters from aquifers, rivers and lakes.

  18. The USA has 3 times bigger water consumption per day, than is the average water volume in the European countries and much bigger than have most of the countries in development.

  19. Serbian inhabitants, according to official data, disburse 250-300 liters of water per day and this we can mark as "prodigality". In most European countries water consumption is between 120 and 150 liters per day.

  20. 1,1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water; 2,5 billion people do not have elementary sanitary conditions for normal life; 5 million people a year die from diseases which are transported by polluted water; 6 thousand people die in one day because of diarrhea.


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