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Bussiness and friendly relatioshipWith our experience and collaboration with high-level experts from different domain, company "Natural Mineral Waters" can provide you consulting services in following areas: 

  • In the procedure for getting of the legal technical documentation for the investment construction:

    • Exploratory license in the area of geological investigations;
    • Opinions, conditions, agreements and concessions of water management;
    • Urban planning conditions and structural permissions,
    • Environmental conditions;
    • Agreement of Agriculture Ministry, about modification of soil assignment;With competent information in appropriate time
    • Sanitary agreement etc.

  • In selection of quality contractor;

  • In selection of appropriate location for the investment;

  • In selection of equipment for the processing production of bottled water;

  • In selection of equipment for the preparation of drinking water and for the food industry;

    is formula which certainly duplicate your investment fund
  • In selection of equipment for the treatment of waste water;

  • In evaluation of investment value;


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